Modern Machine Shop Highlights MERLIN and Caron Engineering’s Productivity Partnership

Burlington, ON, Canada – September 29, 2014 Astrix Networks Inc., operating as Memex Automation (TSX-V: OEE) (“Memex” or the “Company”), the global leader of manufacturing M2M productivity solutions, is pleased to announce MERLIN is profiled in the September issue of Modern Machine Shop alongside Caron Engineering’s multi-axis adaptive control manufacturing methods.

The article: Tool Monitoring for Multitasking Machines, describes Caron Engineering’s five multi-axis adaptive control machining methodologies and MERLIN’s ability to monetize the improved processes in real-time.

Caron’s adaptive control methods are highlighted as improving production within the machining envelop.  MERLIN is highlighted as improving production within and outside of the machining envelop by calculating capacity utilization plant-wide.  As a result, MERLIN gets the Caron voice of process and the plant’s capacity utilization data to the engineering and management teams in their respective business intelligence tools, on any device.

“Making tool data available to third party software applications such as shop floor machine monitoring opens doors to many possibilities such as plant-wide data-driven decision making and integrated automation,” said Mr. Caron.   “With Caron and MERLIN, manufacturers can understand plant capacity in real-time, down to the accelerometers measuring vibration in spindle bearings, servo-drives and other machine components that can adversely affect cutting conditions, by the second,” said David McPhail, CEO, Memex Automation.  “Literally, MERLIN and Caron deliver the equivalent of the holy grail of manufacturing in a way that generates up to 400% IRR,” said McPhail.

About Memex Automation Inc. 

Memex Automation (TSX-V:OEE) is the leader of the measurement of Overall Equipment Effectiveness (“OEE”) in real-time. OEE is the measurement of plant-wide capacity utilization. MERLIN (Manufacturing Enterprise Real-time Lean Information Network) generates OEE enterprise-wide, plant by plant, machine by machine. On April 15th PEM awarded the Company the 2014 Plant Engineering & Maintenance Award for Best Company Under 50 Employees.  Frost & Sullivan awarded MERLIN its 2013 Technology Innovation Leadership Award.  Microsoft picked MERLIN to be its mid-market ERP machine connectivity solution. Mazak, North America’s largest original equipment manufacturer of machine tools, purchased MERLIN to manage its plant and published in a 42% increase in utilization of the monitored production machines.  Mazak now offers MERLIN on its price list.  Okuma America Corporation, a world leader in CNC machine tools, announced on April 1st Memex Automation became a Partner in THINC. For more information, please visit:


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